Pineider personal-sized envelope organisers in brown and camel


These arrived during the week but I was too busy to do a reveal at the time. They came via dhl. They are Pineider organisers equivalent to Filofax personal size. They have a leather covered outer backplate to the rings and no stiffening. The leather is going to be durable and is really high quality

These were discounted by 80% on the Pineider site – from €320 to €64. They came beautifully packed with all tape and tissue paper having the Pineider logo on them. The boxes are well made an in gorgeous yellow and grey-blue. Inside, the binders are in gorgeous yellow and grey-blue dust bags with silica gel pouches and leather care and guarantee booklet.

Until the sale came I had never known about Pineider but it really is fantastic quality. I had my eye on the grey and lilac but chose a more classic and sensible/durable camel and brown. I figured they would show marks less, but having seen the binders, they will probably not show marks much no matter the colour, due to the cross grain leather.








Here is their catalogue. Warning – you WILL fall in love with something! I had to stop reading after page 60 because I was in love with everything! Catalogo Pineider

Author: Janet Carr

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  1. ok i am back and if you want i’ll go back for you. they have pocket and a5 of course all the planner on both shelf are in sale may be not on the web site but yes in the shop and almost all the organizer they have on the web site are on sale. have a look at the picture Janet posted and at the web site. practically the first page tre 3 of them are all on sale. if you tell me style nr or name and size and colour i will check for you and reply to you

  2. i am going to buy one right now. if you want it send me 70 euro and the colour they have grey brown and Yellow cuir and i will buy one for you and then you will give me the rest to send it to you. i am a filofax collector and janet knwos me well and she bought for me as well. PINEIDER is the luxus brand for stationery and visit card here in italy. bye

  3. hi i am on the way to PINEIDER SHOP which is one of the most luxus brand here in Italy for stationery and visit card. THE ROYAL BRITISH FAMILY BUY THEM THERE. Thanks Janet i booked a grey one for me. If someone want one of them please send me within 1 hour (i am a filofax collector and i am selling all of them ) Janet knows i am a fair person. If you want it brown grey or Yellow gjust send me a @ and 70 euro by paypal at and then we add just the delivery cost from florence Italy and you will have this jewel by signed post everywhere. bye

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