Gigliodoro notebooks in blue and green


These two gorgeous notebooks are from Gigliodoro and they have sumptuous cream unlined paper with gilt edging. They are flexible but not floppy and are a super size for carrying. I tend to always have a notebook on the go but many of them I collect just because they are pretty. All overflow goes to my students.

When I am teaching I prefer my students to speak listen rather than get caught up in writing things down, so in individual lessons I give them each a notebook which I write in during the lesson and which they can make notes in between lessons. If I have a group then each student receives a notebook and they make their own notes. I write notes during the lesson, photocopy it for each student and they then paste it into their notebooks. I try to match notebooks to student as regards size (I see how big their bags are), motif (do they like animals or flowers? Do they have a trendy or classic style) and whether they have lines or not.

Notebooks this size I usually use when I am traveling – for lists, details, journalling. They are often full when I get back and I then keep them as a record of my trip.






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