Pineider Medium Organizer in Lilac

The wonderful Anamarija let me know a while back that she had found a gorgeous Pineider organizer in lilac. Anamarija is not only the most amazing sniffer outer of treasures (I have my Classic Mashup, my Shark Winchester, my VDS Cognac binder and many others thanks to Anamarija spotting them and letting me know) but she has a fondness for all things purple so her collection is literally beautiful. All her binders and her pens are in wide swathes of purple and lilac shades.

Anamarija has allowed me to use her photos of her lilac binder while I await my camel one. The binders were reduced from €320 to €64 (80% discount) so it would have been really rude not to pounce, no? The grey photos below are stock photos from the Pineider site.









Doesn’t it look gorgeous with this Dior skirt. I loved these skirts when they came out.


Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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  1. Very nice organisers, especially the innovative envelope design……….
    While looking through the site I thought of also searching for Sucess organizers and found an interresting site I hadn’t seen before: They store Succes and Filofax organizers besides different accessoires. I love the Succes rosa in dark leather…..

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