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I am having a really busy week this week with teaching from 7am to 6.30pm and a lot of paperwork and preparation in the evenings. In addition (photos below) my apartment building is having facade renovation done so the entire building is encased in plastic and the noise is driving me up the wall. Plus the light is really bad for taking photographs.

But I have some exciting posts featuring new binders and stationery coming up – hopefully this weekend. Teaser photographs below of Gigliodoro notebooks and Cordwain Higgler binder. Sorry for the quality. I blame the lack of light due to all the plastic. I hate it. No matter how cold it is, I sleep with a window open. I won’t be able to open a window now until JULY!!!

And just because it fascinates me (though it may not be as captivating to you), I bought a 128GB usb stick today. Can you believe you can get storage that big for the price of a McDonald’s Meal?







Author: Janet Carr

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  1. 128GB for the price of a happy meal… Crazy. I remember buying an Iomega mini flash drive, 1GB back when that was about the biggest one could get, for just under £100!

  2. Sorry for the typos,it’s what comes from posting at 60 mph on a motorway. We are on the way to Oxford for a weekend in our Motorhome.

  3. That must bra real bummer, I wodfeel claustrophobic. Must be like living in a cocoon

  4. OMG! Not being able to open a window would be a nightmare to me. I feel the same as Sheila about getting fresh air into the rooms especially the bedroom, no matter what the weather is outside………….. and I can imagine how bad this is to you especially after a long Swedish winter……..! I hope for you they will be finished earlier than they calculated, otherwise I would also start cutting holes into the plastic covering. 😉

  5. Waaaaah, those planners are gorgeous!
    Like you, I always have to have the window at least slightly open; blizzard, hurricane, horizontal rain, sand storm…I must have fresh air in the bedroom. I would have to cut a hole in the plastic.
    I have had two warped windows because of never closing them 🙁

    ( not sure about the sandstorm … Maybe not )

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