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  1. I have Crohn’s disease and trust me, when you have to go, you HAVE to go! I’ve shown up at a coffee shop in my running gear and unabashedly run into the disabled toilet and have gotten stink-eye because of it. Just because I don’t outwardly look like I have a disability, does not mean I don’t have the right to use whatever toilet is free at that particular moment when I have to go, even if it’s a disabled toilet.

    Once of the best things I found was a card you can print off and keep in your wallet asking retailers and storekeepers to allow you to use private washroom in the event of an emergency. It’s been a godsend a few times!

  2. I have all my intestines, my legs, and my arms. I look perfectly abled. I also happen to have a titanium rod as part of my fused lower spine that makes bending and twisting nigh on to impossible. I use the disabled toilets because I cannot get down and up without the bars to lean on. It’s awkward. It’s uncomfortable. It’s my life.

  3. I have a small bladder as a result of a childhood injury. When I want to go, I must go, so understand your problem.Occasionally I have to use a disabled toilet, and because I am tall and fit looking, I get the same treatment, in fact one woman challenged me, so I pulled out my purse and showed her my card. It was her turn to blush then..


  4. Janet, Thanks for reposting this. When I saw it in Facebook this morning it struck a real chord. I am undergoing major surgery on Tuesday, the outcome of which will be a urostomy. I can do. Easily identify with the sentiments written in this post.

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