Cordwain Higgler A5 Blue Moongazing Hare binder


One of my favourite clearance and sales destinations is on Cordwain Higgler’s site but things sell really fast from there and each one is one of a kind. I would recommend liking their Facebook page as special clearance items go up there first. I have just bought this beauty – I chose it because it is blue, has a bunny AND is an A5. I already have a personal size Cordwain Higgler and a pocket size one which is purple with bugs on it (what’s not to love!) – both from their clearance site.

The items on clearance are often old stock or items with small flaws which did not pass muster. Having experienced these items myself I can say you barely notice any issues.The blue hare has a small mark on the leather, which was clearly shown in photographs so you know what you are getting.

They also have an Etsy shop

Cordwain Higgler is a family business, run by Guy and Pat Mather. We are based in East Sussex, close to the coast and the beautiful South Downs behind us. We make a range of unique hand made leather goods, both ‘off the shelf’ as well as bespoke. Our goods have a strong, nature, folklore and historic influence born from a background in history, art and archaeology. These elements have been drawn together to form Cordwain Higgler.

All items are made using the best traditional and natural materials available. Our leather comes from Britains last oak bark tannery. We use natural fibre threads. Fittings are made to last, for instance, solid brass, not plate, to prevent rusting.

Designs are made to our own pattern and applied by hand. We have dies (stamps) made for us exclusively. Each item is hand dyed and finished with our own beeswax polish made from wax from hives around the Beachy Head area.

Our aim is to provide quality English craft items in a world of mass production. we hope it would be extremely unlikely that you will come across anyone else with an identical item. The unique qualiities of leather means that it improves with age and becomes a more personal item.

“The pride in our work comes from knowing that our goods will last, and the owners, we hope, become more attached to them as time goes by”





This is the interior of another blue Moongazing hare A5 binder.

Here are my other two:




Author: Janet Carr

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  1. OMG That is gorgeous! Makes me think of ‘To the moon and back’ I’m going to have to head over to their site & see if they have a personal one it could get for my mum. I’d never heard of them before but I can see a small fortune going on their site!

  2. Ooooooh, glad you bought this one! I dithered when Pat put it up on Facebook, but decided I do want a personalised A5 one in the new year. I adore their binders so much – I have a green personal dandelion design and two pockets (red Celtic to my specifications) and purple moon-gazing hare.

    1. I thought of you when I bought it, Sharon! They are such lovely binders. I was thinking how you prefer the pocket size and wondering if I should get the pocket one with bees on it to add to my moth one!

      1. Such fabulous work on them! I have my new VDS personal-sized binder which doesn’t move from the sofa. I then use my various pocket ones – and the CH ones are so hard-wearing. The Celtic one had a problem with the rings – Guy replaced them at once with no hassle. They are lovely people to deal with.

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