Frye 12R Harness Boots


I tend to wear these boots most of the year. I am not a shoe person really but I have quite a few pairs of boots (well, about 6) which are the kind of boots that go on forever. These are Frye Harness 12R boots in black. Once you have worn them in they are so comfortable and wear so well. The more battered they get the better they look. These are about five years old.

When you buy them the best thing is to go a half size to a size down and wear them in at home, first in tights and then in socks. That way they will mould round your foot. If you get them your usual size they are often too big around the heel once you wear them in and then your feet will slip even with thick socks.

I walk about 9km a day so I need footwear I can walk in, that is waterproof, that doesn’t slip in the snow and is not too heavy or too hot. And that don’t click as I walk down corridors. Unlike most people in Sweden at work, I cannot change shoes when I get to work as I am in and out of different places all day.

I am also lucky being 5ft 7in/1.7m that I don’t need height or have problems with too-long trouser legs so I usually wear flat or low shoes.

I never polish or care for my shoes in any way. Or any of my leather items. Funnily enough they usually look good though I never wear anything delicate or that would be ruined if it was rained or snowed on.




Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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  1. After seeing your post in November, I fell in love with these boots but thought that I couldn’t wear a pull on style because of my high arches. I was just in the Frye flagship store in Chicago this weekend and tried on a few styles but didn’t fall in love with them. I decided for the heck of it to try on the 12R’s and wouldn’t you know it, they slipped right on, no problem! I felt like Cinderella! 😉

    Quick question, are they good to wear in the winter with the snow and ice on the sidewalk (don’t want to slip and fall)? Thanks! 🙂

    1. Cinderella indeed! You must have been chuffed! Aren’t they lovely? And they last forever. In my experience they are good in snow but not on very slippery ice. Your feet can also get very cold in them if you are in extremely cold weather, but there are sheepskin-lined ones which are brilliant for this. For me the only shoes that can really cope with ice are Bally curling boots and ice bugs.

      1. Thanks for the info, Janet! I think I’ll hold off wearing my new boots outside until spring when the weather is a little bit better! My fave winter boots are actually not boots, they are the Merrell Encore Ice clogs…not the prettiest looking shoes but they’re super toasty warm! 😉

  2. I so love the style of your boots Janet!
    I recently bought some Duoboots shoes and right now I’m loving the Fader boots model.
    They are my perfect everyday boots: stiff, comfortable all day long, they can stand rain, wind, snow, sun and they look good with every outfit 🙂
    And if I don’t wear boots I always rely on my Dr Martens (original 1460 or Triumph model) which are my favourite shoes since I was 16!

  3. I bought Frye Harness boots about 6 or 7 years ago. I wore them non stop for 4 winters in rain or snow and l really liked the feel of them.

    About 3 years ago l changed my winter habit to Gardian boots (La Camarguaise) and Doc Marten’s in different leather and colours so l can wear them with trousers and also with skirts.

    I am also addicted to boots in winter time though our winters here are milder than in Sweden and snow id very rare.

    I agree that Frye Harness boots are very comfortable and warm. Though they look heavy they are not and can be worn to walk all day without the feeling of wearing ski boots.

    Great taste (again), Janet!

    1. Aw thanks Nathalie! I am not particularly fashionable but I know when I like something. Grinders boots are also nice and have pretty much the same styles as Doc Marten’s and Frye.

      I used to love the Doc Marten shop in Covent Garden. Got the most amazing sandals there about ten years ago which I still wear in summer (I won’t wear them out as summers are not very long here!)

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