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I have waist length curly hair which I condition every day. It is very dry so I don’t wash it more than once or twice a week but it goes haywire when I sleep (people with curly hair will know what I mean) so to get it under control again I wet it and condition every morning. If I don’t have time I put it in a bun.

I never brush my hair and only comb it when it is wet with a wide tooth comb. After I have combed it when wet I just let it dry and don’t touch it again because it goes fluffy.

To apply conditioner I use an Aqua Splash Tangle Teezer. Now that my hair is so long the ends tangle easily so this really makes a difference. They are easy to find online and come in different versions – some for children, some decorative (they look like flower pots), travel sizes and of course in lots of different colours.

They are really light and it is a weird feeling when you are used to tugging a comb through tangle to have something glide through so easily.

This one is specially made to use on wet hair. It is hollow so that water drains easily, it is very easy to grip (feels almost like a shampoo bottle when you grip it), the bristles are one with the backplate, making it easy to clean, and best of all it is brilliant for distributing conditioner through your hair in the bath or shower. It also does not pull any hairs out so if you are worried about hair loss this is very gentle and leaves them where they should be – in your scalp and not in your comb.

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Bad photo taken about 8 months ago after I had straightened it.
Bad photo taken about 8 months ago after I had straightened it – it is much longer now, though I am going to have to cut it soon as it is a bit of a battle to handle it.
I took this one this morning. The curls pull up so when wet it is about 3 - 4cm longer.
I took this one this morning. The curls pull up so when wet/straight it is about 3 – 4cm longer. I don’t do anything to it – just let it air dry. This is my natural colour. I have a few greys at my temples which I kind of like.

Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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  1. Your hair is so beautiful when straightened, Janet! I love it!

    I understand what you mean about being a battle to handle it. I used to have long hair (mid back) until last year and l decided to cut it shoulder length (or a bit longer) as l was fed up having to take care of my thick and heavy mass of hair. I was amazed by the quantity of compliments l got days after days. People thought l looked younger (which is true), more dynamic (???) and less “out of fashion” (their own words) with shorter hair.

    All l can say is that l will never go back to very long hair as it is easier to take care of it and also it’s true that after a certain age (l will keep quiet about mine 😉 ) very long hair tend to age the general figure.

    1. Oh I know what you mean – when my hair is shoulder length people always say I look much younger! I know I look better (long hair drags my face down somehow) and it is so much easier to handle but when it is long I just don’t want to cut it. Part of the reason is probably that my mother hated long hair and forced me to keep it short all the time I was growing up. She had this weird idea that is sapped my strength!

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