Van Der Spek Touch Me binders

Comparison showing 25mm and 35mm rings - you can see that it lays differently with 35mm rings.
Comparison showing 25mm and 35mm rings – you can see that it lays differently with 35mm rings.

I first wrote about this binder here but I have since then really fallen in love with it. Particularly as it is possible to change the rings if something should go wrong with them, AND have 35mm rings fitted – in silver or gold! What could be more perfect than an A5 binder with 35mm gold rings AND a full length wallet pocket?

This, unlike the other Van Der Spek binders, is only available in black or brown, but I have always been a brown girl anyway so that is probably the way I would go.

It comes with standard 25mm rings but you can swap these for 35mm. This does impact on the dividers and the pens loop, but for me, the 35mm rings would be well worth rearranging my dividers so this does not happen. See the photograph above for comparison.




If you have this binder without stiffener it is really soft
Is this supple or what?
Ring comparison - 25mm and 35mm
Ring comparison – 25mm and 35mm

Made of Full Grain Buffalo Leather.

This is the organizer with the big compartment on the back.
Only available in brown and black.

430 Junior with 16mm Ø mechanism
Refill size: 77 x 127 mm / 3.03 x 5in
€ 82.00

433 Senior with 20mm Ø mechanism
Refill size: 95 x 152 mm / 3.74 x 5.98in
€ 90.00

434 Standard with 25mm Ø mechanism (like Personal Filofax)
Refill size: 95 x 170 mm / 3.74 x 6.69in
€ 98.00

435 Manager A5 with 25mm Ø mechanism
Refill size: 140 x 215 mm / 5.51 x 8.46in
€ 123.00

If you are outside the EU, you will pay 21% less as VAT will not be applied at point of purchase. You may be liable for customs and import duty in your own country.

Thanks Petra Van Der Spek for being such a fantastic helpful person. If anyone is interested, please come and join us in the Van Der Spek Facebook Group to see the wonderful service and products that Van Der Spek offers

And now for some more photographs of an A5 Touch Me in Brown from the wonderful Petra













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      1. I look forward to reading about your custom binders and your thoughts about both models. Thanks.

  1. I’ve looked at these before and have always really liked them, wanted one…. coveted maybe a better word. So glad people are beginning to use them because I am so enjoying all the photographs!

    1. I do NOT like floppy binders at ALL… but this one has amazingly well designed pockets. Check out the gusset on that zip pocket! And the secretarials! And the full width pocket! Honestly, with all those pockets it may be best to stick with 25mm ring mechanism, as when all filled up the cover will balloon out and exacerbate the tab crunching problem. Gorgeous, just gorgeous. I don’t know how all my googling over the past few years missed these wonderful binders from Van der Spek but very glad to have found them now!

      1. I’m not a fan of super floppy binders either, but I think this one has enough structure to it that it won’t be UBER floppy. As for the ring size… it will be interesting to see what it will look like with the 35mm rings and everything else that I want to put in it. I actually bought the 35mm rings as an extra, and am also getting the 25mm rings. So if I don’t like how it looks with the 35mms, I can always switch the 25mm rings in 🙂

        Doesn’t hurt to have a spare set of rings! 😀

  2. Oh. My. God. @___@ I hope you shared this on the Philofaxy group, cause there will be people there drooling over this! *goes to get a mop and bucket*

  3. You enabler you! LOL. They are absolutely gorgeous! My list just got longer. I love the interchangeable rings. My preference is also brown!

  4. Petra is absolutely wonderful, and I can’t wait to get my A5 TouchMe! I’ll post more photos of how the binder looks with the 35mm rings 🙂

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