Brown Standard (Personal) size Van Der Spek Touch Me

These Touch Me binders are made from buffalo leather and offer the full length back wallet pocket in all sizes. These full length back pockets are very sought after and found in only a few binders in larger sizes – for example the Gillio Mia Cara and Compagna, some of the Filofax Balmorals and Raika (in personal size).

They are very well designed and have a nice number of credit card pockets, secretarial pockets (another feature that is liked but not offered that often) and slip pockets, as well as a zipped pocket.

The rings are replaceable and you can choose between 25mm and 35mm in A5 size and 25mm and 30mm in standard size.

A combination of five very sought after features (floppiness, full length back pocket, secretarial pockets, replaceable rings and large rings) plus a very reasonable price makes this a lovely binder. To be honest I am surprised I waited so long to buy one. And now that I have them, I know I will getting both black and brown in each. They are not available in colours but for me this is no problem as I usually buy only brown binders anyway.

The leather ranges from grainy to smooth but this you can specify when you buy them which you would prefer. There is no stiffening in these binders (think: Malden) but the full length wallet pocket across the back gives it firmness. So they are very touchable (hence the name I suppose)

The one disadvantage of a binder like this which looks and feels so amazing, is that when you buy it online you cannot feel or see them – because they are way more beautiful than they sound when described or depicted on a website.












Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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  1. My standard size Touch Me is one of my favorite binders. I can’t even think of another model or brand to compare it to. I’m sure you will love it forever!

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