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Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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  1. Just how big is the bed? We have trouble getting a big enough space to sleep in when Millie Cat and Dandi Dog are on the bed. They take up their position in the middle and then stretch out to the sides.

    1. It’s a standard UK double! 4’6″ wide! 😀

      Ours do all know that it’s ‘our’ bed and move without grumbling if they’re told to. They also tend to swap around during the night, usually without disturbing us – the set of critters on the bed when we go to sleep is often a completely different set when we wake up!

  2. As it happens, I am reading this post while sitting in bed next to my partner… and with 4 of our 6 dogs snuggled on the bed too. It’s all true I tell you! They hog the duvet, they invariably end up with the pretty end pointing in the wrong direction, they lie on top of you and take up all the space… their digestive systems never stop… if they dream in the night you may get lacerated by a claw or 10…

    They are warm and furry and mostly smell nice. They love us, and they are very cuddly. And in the depths of freezing winter, you will never need an electric blanket or hot water bottle if there are a couple of biggish dogs on the bed with you because their body temperature is higher than yours and they are lovely and warm.

    And yes, we are crazy. As Teg, Talwyn, Tressa (all golden retriever ladies), Tiefer (Scottie girl), Tequila (Lurcher lady) and Titch (Rottweiler/Staffy cross lad) will attest. 🙂

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