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A familiar sight worldwide these days


Tissue oil is something that is very popular in South Africa. Every single local brand and quite a few international ones have tissue oil as part of their South African ranges. They are a very fine blend of different oils (for example wheat germ oil, almond oil and vitamin E oil) and people use them as a pre-conditioning oil for hair, on cuticles, as a bath oil, as a body oil, mixed into body lotion, for scars, stretchmarks or acne, or for dry skin, as (eeeeek!) suntan oil or after-sun oil.

One of them which has become very well-known abroad is Bio Oil. It is still made in South Africa but you find it all over the world these days. If you are ever in South Africa have a look on the beauty shelves and see if you can find others that look interesting. My favourite of all time is Justine tissue oil which is usually available for direct purchase but nowadays, like Avon, they tend to have shops in large centres

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Aloe Ferox is a brilliant South African product. Cheap, and really works. If you like Aloe Vera – this is even better! There is a factory shop fairly near Cape Town.
Many South African beauty products use Rooibos in them – African Extract is one of my favorites and is also easily available. The smell is divine!
This one has three South African SUPER-ingredients – Marula, African Potato and Rooibos. An up and coming South African brand, it is quite easy to find in Europe.

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And my favorite - Justine!
And my favorite – Justine!
Justine has a whole Tissue Oil range - I can recommend the moisturizing spray for hair and the soap.
Justine has a whole Tissue Oil range – I can recommend the moisturizing spray for hair and the bath and shower soap.

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