Really loving the compact

photo 1-5

Oh my I am loving this. It is really light and compact but fits everything I need and more. I weighed it this morning and it is less than one third the weight of my Mia Cara and about one third of the size in terms of heft and thickness (I hesitate to use the word girth…)

What is even better is that is fits everything in and is very easy to use as a wallet. I can find everything and it is easy to ‘navigate’, so to speak. There was no ‘getting used to it’ period.

Pictured below during a meeting today. I have my calendar open on the left and on the right I keep vocabulary notes for my students which I type up and email to them when I get back to my big computer.


Categories: Filofaxes and other ring organisers

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  1. Do you have a web site for the vendor? Thanks! Jan


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