AND AN UPDATE FROM ONE OF MY READERS who made me think of something that had not occurred to me, heaven knows why as I have been driving for 35 years! (see comment below). A dashboard of a car where all the controls are easily available.  As Davide (thank you so much!) puts it – the term ‘Dashboard’ originated in the automotive industry and it indicate the panel at the front where all the instruments are! I have learned something (or relearned it!) today – thank you Davide!

If you are not sure what a dashboard is, it originates from the Dashboard of a computer, where all the icons and most used programmes sit. It is the first thing you see when you turn your computer on. In a Filofax a Dashboard can be notes, stickies, an index, urgent to dos on a plastic sheet, flyleaf or divider in the front of your binder. It is the first thing you see when you open your binder.

I love this little flyleaf. I cannot remember where I got it but it is nice and strong and clear but also has a pocket and a pen loop. I use it to keep receipts and my driver’s licence in it for easy retrieval. I also put little shopping lists on post-it notes and keep paperclips clipped to the edges. Most people use the clear plastic sheets that come with Filofaxes as their dashboards but this one is multifunctional and rather attractive.



Author: Janet Carr

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  1. You get those from Filofax Back to School or Doodle orginazers!! They are great in any kind of Filofax so it’s kind of sad that you can’t buy them seperatly!

  2. My dashboard usually has a motivational quote on it that I have chosen to inspire and remind me not to forget to determine to head in a positive mental direction. I have forgotten it’s there during the busy activities of the day and seeing it has often made me stop short and remember what’s important, thinking through what the means to an end is versus the end itself. I also use Post-its for errand lists on that sheet. I’d love to know where you got the one you have pictured here, it looks like the most functional one I’ve seen! I’m also (100%) certain you’re not the only one who hasn’t given a lot of thought to the origin or meaning of the term Dashboard, but it was interesting info
    and good to know!

  3. It’s funny you posted this today, just last night I was designing my own dashboard for my planner. I cut up a clear plastic sheet I got from a stamping set and used it to post sticky notes and stuff on top of. I still need to make a pretty background to go underneath it, but now it’s just to test it out and see if it will be useful.

  4. I have to correct you on this, the term ‘Dashboard’ originated in the automotive industry and it indicate the panel at the front where all the instruments are (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dashboard). What is used on modern PC operative systems is more aptly called “control panel” or “desktop”. Some OS don’t have anything like that.

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