Smythson Organiser Sale

The Smythson stationery sale started about an hour ago, while the handbags went on sale a few days ago. Not much to choose from this time, unlike last time where they had some stunning pink beauties on sale – like this one which was reduced from £245 to £95


This year, here are some of the offerings. The biggest discount is the black one with the flap closure which is reduced from £300 to £90. I really love Smythson and use their manuscript books extensively. I buy them on sale and at Heathrow Duty Free where you can find really good deals if you get there at the right time.













Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

6 thoughts

  1. Hi Janet

    Some good stuff there … but the price of things that are not in the sale!

    I noticed a very nice organiser, the Mara collection at £91.50

    the size is that of the Filofax Pocket but with the ring pattern of the Filofax Personal.

    Not much good for me as I’m locked into the Filofax Pocket system 🙁



    1. George: The Smythson Bijou organizers use the FF Pocket ring configuration. Bond Street is the Personal size.

      I’ve wanted that Clementine one, but I can’t bring myself to pay even the clearance price for something I’ve never touched.

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