Reveal of personal sized Filofax Union Jack limited edition organiser


This arrived from Filofax UK in about two days, via DHL and is (hallelujah!!!!) in a box.

My first Filofax Original. I have hankered after one for ages – in green, purple or neon orange – but never bought one.

This one I just had to! Being that the Original is actually made in Britain, the Union Jack seems like such a good choice of design. Plus the Union Jack is an unusually pretty flag. Did you know that, historically, for a flag to be called a Jack it had to be flown on the jackstaff of a ship?

Well this binder blew me away. It is perfectly made, lovely thick but flexible leather, no stiffening, no bells and whistles. The colour is perfect. Absolutely stunning. Anyone using one of these is going to receive truckloads of compliments!

There is a smell on it when it arrives but I imagine that it is from the dye used on the front of the cover and that it will dissipate after some fresh air.

At last a Filofax in a box again. I hate those feeble Jiffy bags.
Labelled on the side
Wrapped in tissue paper
Inside the box and tissue paper it has a plastic cover


Photobombing as always
Yawn, not another Filofax….
Back view
Personalised front page for this planner as well as regular inserts, including 2016 planner
Jot pad at back
Beautiful or what?
Thick flexible leather with no stiffening
Look at that gorgeous detail!

Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

8 thoughts

  1. I am in awe of this Filofax. Janet, it came in the same packaging as you show above. I love the leather and I immediately noticed no stiffener! I am not one for credit cards on the side so the left side with just two is perfect for me and the jot pad on the right was a nice surprise. To be honest I haven’t been following the Filofax models coming out for a few years now, but I vaguely remember seeing a post on this Union Jack.

    I have to say I am very impressed with this filo. Now to figure out how to use alongside my VDS custom personal!

  2. It’s a Union Jack whether it is flown on a ship or not…as from 1908 the Union Jack (as it is written in the law) is the official flag of England. Union Flag or Union Jack are interchangable and Canada prefers to call it the Union Flag. A Jack traditionally referred to the size of a flag because it hung from a bowsprit of a ship and needed to be a certain size.

      1. In the top left hand corner…the larger white bit on flag St. Patrick should be thicker at the top than the bottom. But now you can just look at your Filofax because it has it the right way.

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