Swedish Pennybridge/Journey Binder

I had a question about this the other day, and here is the post about it. I say ‘Swedish’ because Sweden seems to have a different Pennybridge series than the rest of the world. The Swedish Compact Pennybridge is the same but we have pocket and personals which are now called ‘Pennybridge’ but were previously called ‘Journey’.

The personal Journey is a lovely binder. It is a fully functional full-sized personal binder with a separate zipped wallet section at the back.

photo 3-6
This one is pink. It is faux leather and the same good quality as the Metropol but soft and squishy. The front part is clasped.
photo 4-6
The back part is zipped

photo 4-5

photo 1-4

photo 5-4
This is an old version called the Journey. The new one is called the Pennybridge
photo 3-3
This part is similar to the compact Pennybridge but without the card slots, which are elsewhere on the binder.
The Swedish Pennybridge, previously called the Journey


Author: Janet Carr

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  1. Hey Janet,
    Actually I don’t see a Journey on the Swedish Filofax site? As a matter of fact, I don’t even see this Pennybridge model, only the zipped Pennybridge that the rest of the Filofax sites sell too. Are you referring to another webshop?

      1. I should have posted the links as many people abroad only really know about the Filofax site. Another good one here is Kalenderkungen.se

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