Velcro Binder Rings – more details as promised

I love rummaging in the sales bin of my local Office Depot. I found these a few weeks ago. Binder ring systems which attach by Velcro to almost any surface.
I promised to go back and find out more about them.
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Most of them were gone. There were a few bigger rings left but no gold ones and no A5 ones, only personal size.
photo 2-3
They were sold by a local Swedish organizer and planner company – Almanacksförlaget.
photo 3-3
There were several models – a wider and a narrower are shown here. The narrower one has place to slot the rings onto a backplate as well. There are two more slots under the Velcro. But with the Velcro they sit really fast on any surface that the Velcro pads will attach to. There are Velcro pads on sticky backing in separate packages if you do not already have the opposing side of the Velcro on your binder.
photo 4-3
They had no gold ones left but had grey and silver. The silver ones have no branding but the grey ones are marked Koloman Handler – Registered Design.
photo 5-2
Having looked up Koloman Handler, I see they also make Krause rings. Both these ring sets are good quality and have wonderfully firm mechanisms. The Koloman ones are extremely well made.

The Koloman Handler/Krause + Handler site says: There are only a few specialist companies throughout the world which master the production of ring binder mechanisms. With our manufacturing site Koloman Handler in Oroszlány, Hungary, we are the biggest manufacturer of ring binder mechanisms in Europe and process more than 5,000 tons of wire and steel into more than 60 million ring binder mechanisms a year.

Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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  1. Hello Janet!

    May I ask please, where did you find these Koloman handler and Krause ring mechanisms? I have a couple of Mulberry Planners and Mulberry Agendas and they need new ring mechanisms… Also, I live in Sweden but I have never seen Almanacksförlagets velcro rings… In your blog post you told about your local Office Depot, does it sell online?

    Thank you

    1. I live in Stockholm and I got them at Office Depot in Torsgatan next to LO-borgen. They were in the sale bin so I think they must have been very old. I got quite a few of them at the time and they had lots left for ages. They were made to fit into the PP Nova planner – I have two of those and Staples sells them online but not the Velcro rings.

      I will be going to LO in the next week or so – shall I look for you and see if they have any left?

      1. Ja tack, det vore väldigt snällt av dig! (Jag har läst din blogg så jag förstår att du kan svenska!) Jag håller förresten på att kolla upp med en dansk firma om man kan få köpa Krause mekanism i en-pack. Om du vill så återkopplar jag gärna om deras svar till dig. Men jag skulle bli jätteglad om du ville kolla om det finns några kvar vid LO-borgen. Själv bor jag i Kalmar, så det är ju inte nästgårds precis…
        Kram Christina

      2. Tack så mycket! Jag är där imorgon tisdag och återkommer så fort jag vet någonting 🙂 Van Der Spek säljer Krause ringar i en-pack i A6 storlek men de är åt utbytbara ringmekanismer som Gillio använder.

  2. Definitely a must have. I have made my own leather binders at times and finding the rings mechanism was always the hardest part.

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