Guest Post by Mike: Midori Traveller’s Notebook Pen Holder


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So dear readers, I have just received my Midori Traveller’s Notebook Pen Holder (M) brown and I am over the moon with it, yet strangely, I find myself reluctant to remove my yellow cheap bulldog clip that has faithfully served me as a pen holder for the past six months.

Now don’t get me wrong,nothing wrong with the dear old bulldog clip. In no way am I bulldogclipphobic. Indeed I am a devoted fan of the dear old thing. It’s a multi-functional item of tremendous use to all of humanity  and was a standard and vital piece of kit in my naval tool box , however when one is sitting in a board or management meeting it does look rather odd as a pen holder so I plucked up the courage and ordered a pen holder.

For a week I was on tenterhooks awaiting the delivery of said pen holder. As the clock approached the time the Postman normally called I was to be seen pacing by the front door,very much the same as when the boys were born !!! Finally it arrived – and what a little beauty!

As with all things Midori, the standard of craftsmanship of the holder is second to none. The metal spring clip is firm in grip – maybe a little too firm for the elderly or infirm. The leather loop is of excellent quality and will hold most pens comfortably. However for really chunky pens, a smaller loop version is available that will just hold the pen cap’s clip so all angles covered.

I feel that the holder really does add that touch of class to the notebook.

As for my yellow bulldog clip – it has found a new home on my passport (Aide Memoire ) note book 🙂

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