Guest Post by Mike: Fairmer Traveller’s Notebook Cover


So dear readers, Janet Carr flagged up the above supplier some months ago on her blog, and as I  needed to get a spare notebook for work I decided to order one from Fairmer and see just what they were like. [Note from Janet: see my previous article here ]

First of all the speed of services was truly excellent. The notebook arrived with 10 days of me placing my order!

So what do you get? Well, the full package of goodies you get for your money is a note book cover (Genuine crazy horse leather) in one of the following sizes:

5X4 Style: 5.1 X 3.9″ / 13cm*10cm

6X4 Style: 6.3 X 3.9″ / 16cm*10cm

9X5 Style: 8.7 X 4.7″ / 22cm*12cm

Also included in the price are 3 notebooks. You can choose from white lined, kraft pages and blank white sheets. The price also includes a rather nice and practical fountain pen and matching copper pen holder, one card holder insert and a zip plastic cover. All this and a very handy cardboard box just right for storing spare notebooks.

So lets start with the cover. I went for the 22cm X 12cm size and what a bargain! The leather is a lovely texture, the construction is first class and you’ve the option of having your own lettering and symbol engraving on the right bottom corner of the outer cover – FOR FREE! (As an accountant I like free, unless its me billing!!). The elastic of the cover is of good quality and finished off with some nice metal end-caps. All in all a gem of a cover 🙂

The note books are well made, the stitching is adequate the paper is very fountain pen friendly and the books will fit a Midori perfectly.

The pen itself has to be worth half the cost of the package! Its a little treasure – well balanced and a joy to write with. Mine seems to have a medium/fine nib fitted. It has a removable piston-type ink tank so you can remove and use short cartridges should you so wish.

The copper pen holder was slightly tarnished but soon buffed up to a nice finish. It’s a firm fit to the cover and takes a pen clip well.

I can wholeheartedly recommend the product and supplier. At the price of £31.99 its a bargin !



Author: Janet Carr

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