Gorgeous Divider from Courtney at Raven Ink

I had been a fan of Little Raven Ink before Courtney joined the Philofax community. I absolutely adore her artwork and used to look at it every time I had a bad day. I used to also admire her style – she has gorgeous jewellery and shoes!

We became Facebook friends and then a while back, Courtney asked if I would like a ladybird flyleaf. I said yes (well I said something like ‘oooooooooh yes please!!!!’ and today it arrived. It is so beautiful and is laminated so that it will be durable. It is now in my Mia Cara and I will look at it every time I need a Raven Ink fix!

Courtney thank you so much for this. It is beautiful and I will treasure it always!

photo 2-1
I was so delighted to see this as I got home today!
photo 4
Beautiful handwritten card and stunning ladybird flyleaf – oh it is gorgeous. A real genuine work of art!
photo 5
The two business card came with the flyleaf – the one on the left had contact details on the bottom but I removed them for reasons of privacy. If you would like to contact Courtney about her dividers, use the link at the top of the article.
In my purple Mia. The ladybird bookmark was also a gift from a Filofax friend. My heart sings every time I look at touching gestures like these.
photo 3
As soon as I saw this on the back of the envelope I knew what it was!


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