On the way Part 4 – Gold Akiko binder

A reveal will follow as soon as I get it! It left Japan a few days ago.


This binder features really beautiful leather…It’s enameled on metallic bronze color, and it has very decorative and delicate pattern of paisley. I really love this dense and detailed design of paisley, flourish, leaves…etc. It’s embossed but it looks just like metal etching! Very beautiful and unique. The inside is dark bronze. I got these leather separately but the color matches perfectly.The stitch has gold lame. I made the design of this binder minimal. It looks gorgeous and chic at the same time!

The binder is totally my hand made, hand cut (I don’t use any cutter, the wave parts are also hand cut), hand stitched. No machine is used at all. It’s more complicated than it looks as the binder actually consists of 22 pieces of leather and linning parts plus metal parts. All edges are filed, trimmed and coated smoothly. The coating needs to be repeated for 3~4 times to fix. The closure is magnet.

This binder is bendable (it’s not like hard bord binder) but very strong as it has a sturdy (but soft) pad inside. This pad never break like cardboard or plastic. I put it even in the band, so it doesn’t get worn out easily. 

The charm is leather tassel, It could be used as a book mark.

And photographs:





Author: Janet Carr

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  1. *Hyperventilates*

    This binder is absolutely stunning – I couldn’t take my eyes off it when it was in Akiko’s shop, and I keep staring at it now! I was so glad you gave it a loving home – but then found myself asking Akiko if she happened to have any of the leather left …!

    These are items I will save up for and spend money on, as they are so exquisite. I was just thinking of your other shopping post, and found myself thinking about the person who’d obviously rushed out and bought one of Akiko’s binders, then put it up for sale because she couldn’t bond with it, or whatever. Hmmmmm!

    1. If it helps your decision making in any way, Akiko says this leather is very hard to find and very rare. So she won’t have a lot of it. 🙂

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