Tignanello glove leather Credit Card Holder Insert/Slim Organizer Wallet


These can be easily found for various (low) prices on eBay and other outlets. I have chosen to feature this seller as he has so many different colours for sale, and 100% feedback. But a search will find you many more.

  • Tignanello glove leather Credit Card Holder / insert or Slimline Wallet – NWT!
  • Price for one only – this is NOT a bulk sale. 
  • Multiple colors available (blue, lilac, plum, natural, pale green, moss, red, teal) – check them all out … I never could decide on a favorite color and bought many for myself. I never have used any of them – new with tags still attached.
  • Measures: 6.75″H x 3.25″W x .375”D Thisis a Tignanello leather wallet credit card holder. Holds 6 credit cards and features a clear window for an ID slot. Zip back pocket for coins and center billfold pocket for your currency and receipts. It is a lovely offering in vivid dye color with super soft Tignanello’s “Touchables”series leather. NEW and unused with original tags.




You can use these in your ringed organizer by using bulldog clips to fasten them to the rings (see below). You could use it as a flyleaf in a matching or contrasting colour. Or just a colour you like – my vote is for teal and purple!

Credit cards go in the front and notes or coins at the back.

Gorgeous Texture
Gorgeous Texture. Photograph by Yvonne
Gorgeous texture
Gorgeous texture. Photograph by Yvonne

Author: Janet Carr

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    1. I had a look for them about a month ago when another of my readers asked me how to find one, and it seems that they are no longer sold, sadly. They were so easy to find when I wrote this article, and they are so nice, so that is a real pity.

  1. Hello! I have one if these and it needs replaced but all of have knew on eBay only have 4 credit card slots. Do you know where I may buy one just like these to replace mine? Can you please email me at sstricklin@gmail.com? Thanks!

    1. Do you have any f the Tignanello Credit Card Wallets? What color? How much? How do I purchase?

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