Filofax Fresco Part 3 – description and where to find them

91yni6-7A5L._SL1500_Described as: 

  • Nostalgia with a hint of kitsch. A hard-backed cotton covered personal organizer with a secure elastic closure, printed with an al fresco design inside and out.

Width 136mm, height 190mm. 


  • Hard-bound cotton cover.


  • Left: Full-length vertical angled pocket
  • Right: Full-length vertical angled pocket with elasticized pen loop.


  • Transparent flyleaf
  • Six Subject index
  • Ruler-page marker, black
  • To do, five language
  • Bank Account
  • Expenses
  • Website/E-mail Address
  • Blue ruled paper
  • Orange ruled paper
  • Purple ruled paper
  • Name, address and numbers, five language
  • A-Z index, two letters per tab
  • World map

Diary Year

Supplied with a Diary refill.







Where to find them?

I have looked at Goldspot, Filofax in several countries, Amazon and eBay and I can state that seemingly, they are not easy to find. Not really surprising as they are from about four years ago and were available for a single season only. But I have found quite a few which went for sale on eBay so they do pop up if you are patient.

What I would recommend is:

  • Check eBay regularly
  • Put ISO (in search of) ads up in as many sale groups as possible
  • Check Gumtree and eBay in other countries
  • Ask people to keep an eye out for you.

If I do spot one or several I will do a blog post on them. I found mine by asking Christophe Burm from Filofax Benelux if he had any, and he sourced my two for me from a supplier in The Netherlands.

Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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  1. I have one of these for sale with a 2013-2014 diary I’ve put in. I bought at a bootfair, the lady clearly had no idea what it was worth!

  2. I have one of these in pocket size that I bought from Bouteia a while ago. I just couldn’t resist it! My three year old absolutely adores it, and carefully pulls it from it’s shelf to flip through it almost every day.

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