Mulberry Romilly in Oak Darwin


This bag has been a long time coming. I have a Mulberry Roxanne which is the oldest of the ‘Roxanne family’. The others are the Rosemary (a smaller version of the Roxanne) and  the Blenheim (the smallest version). All a little easier to find than my Holy Grail – the Romilly. The largest version of the Roxanne family and the counterpart in size to the Piccadilly, the largest Bayswater.

Today on my way to the bank (to deposit money I had made from selling off some of my bags, ironically) I spotted an oak Piccadilly on someone. She was fairly tall like me and so she could carry off the large size Bayswater. I had a pang of regret that I sold mine and wistfully wondered ‘I wonder if I will ever find a Romilly?’ I have been hunting for years but you seldom find an Oak one, and Oak is my Mulberry colour of choice.

In the bank there was a queue so I got out my iPad and looked on my favourite sites for a Romilly. And there was one – added on Saturday to Labels Most Wanted. The site was down but I messaged the seller on their Facebook page. Despite the site being down all day, the lovely Louise manually put the sale through for me. Courier to Sweden was only £10 and I received shipping notification the same evening. Despite it being her birthday and 10pm at night. I was totally blown away!

I used to buy from Louise when she was on eBay and love her site. Though, like Naughtipidginsnest, I have to ration my visits because there is always something to love on there.

At the moment there is a lovely Oak Bayswater for sale so if you are looking for one – this may be your lucky day.

Louise’s description of the Romilly:

  • It shows signs of ageing/wear to the hardware, corners and handles, has some general light marks to the leather and marks to the base which I have endeavoured to show in the photos. However, this bag is still in really nice condition for this increasingly hard to find model
  • It is made from Oak Darwin leather with brass hardware
  • Mulberry’s Darwin leather is vegetable tanned which brings out the natural characteristics of the leather. It is designed to age naturally and become more characteristic with use
  • Size – approx 44cm wide x 24.5cm high x 23.5cm deep plus handles and strap
  • Top handles have approx 26cm drop
  • Detachable shoulder strap with comforter has approx 71cm drop
  • Top flap with central strap and two side straps with, buckle and concealed magnetic fastener
  • Two front pockets with strap, buckle and magnetic fastener
  • Four feet on base
  • Inside is self-lined with canvas base
  • Mulberry leather label with round disc and serial number
  • Black Made in Turkey label inside bag (Mulberry make bags in Spain, Turkey, China, Italy and England)
  • Mulberry branding stamped into studs and buckles
  • Comes with dustbag, sorry no care card

And her photographs (thanks Louise for letting me us them!)












Naturally – the universe, for once, seeming to work WITH me today, the money I had made from selling my bags covered everything. And I finally finally have a Romilly in Oak Darwin.

Louise you made my day! I hope you enjoy the rest of your birthday!




Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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      1. Thanks Janet. I have seen one on an auction site and was considering it as hand luggage, but I think it would be too big (as well as too heavy!).

    1. I replied to your previous comment as well as a previous email letting you know that I do not sell my items. These are fairly easy to find on eBay though – happy hunting!

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