Two more Gaetano Cuffs….

…will be on my wrist before long! The shorter ones are quite hard to find so I am pretty lucky to find these two nice ones (see Campomaggi’s photos of them below). Each one of these bracelets is one of a kind.

Like Campomaggi handbags, these bracelets are assembled and then put through the washing,dyeing and distressing process. The river stones are also unique to each bracelet and you can see exactly which one you will be getting. Because they are sewn in, they are not prone to falling out.

As Campomaggi says: Because each “skin” is unique in the way it absorbs color, stretches and shrinks, each finished item is distinct in its color, tonality, and texture. The resulting shape and size may also vary slightly. This means that each one ends up a different colour, shape and size.

In white
In blue. Isn’t this stone just perfect?
My green one. So many people have stopped and asked me where I got this cuff. And that is unusual because I wear cuffs every day and no one ever comments on any of them except this one (which has not left my wrist since I received it!)
My green one


How they are packaged – a box, cloth bag and large tag.

All my Campomaggi items apart from one have come from – their service is excellent, their Facebook page is brilliant and their products are sublime! I can recommend them heartily. As an example, Emi models all the handbags, can hunt down hard to find models, has fitted bracelets I ordered on her own wrists to ensure they will fit me, answers questions no matter how small or silly they have seemed to me. Daniele is also a star! This kind of service really makes a difference in today’s increasingly soulless world. I think it is important we support companies like these which give an old-fashioned shopping experience in a new-fangled world. Thank you Emi and Daniele!

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