Post No. 4 for The Teaching Project

Hey All!

It’s J back with another post for The Filofax Project – this one is from Joseph on his teaching binder. Enjoy!

In designing my teaching binder, a lot of thought and attention was given to having everything that I needed throughout my instruction day contained within my Filofax planner.  I am still in the design phase of my teaching binder and it is growing organically during this semester of instruction.  By the beginning of the second bi-term, which begins on 7 March, I feel that the teaching binder should be totally designed and usable for each and every following semester.  Currently, I have the following inserts arranged within the following sections:

I. Course Schedule

     a. Instructional Schedule for First Bi-term (13 January-7 March)

     b. Spring 2014 First Bi-Term School Calendar

     c. Spring 2014 Second Bi-Term School Calendar

     d. Summer Session School Calendar

II. Class Roster

     a. Class Attendance Roster

III. Student Schedules

     a. Individual Learner Instructional Schedules

IV. Record of Goal Gains

V. Lesson Plans

VI. Mathematics 055

     a. Instructional Materials

VII. Mathematics 065

     a. Instructional Materials

VIII. Accelerating Opportunities in Welding and Collision Repair

     a. Instructional Materials

IX. Reasoning through Language Arts

     a. Instructional Materials

X. IMPACT Writing

     a. Instructional Materials

XI. Instructional Resources

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