HOTD #34 – Ceannis Sweetie Shopper


This is another lovely bag. It is not leather but looks exactly like it is. I am a leather snob so when I say it looks quality – it really does! They are cheap, pretty, hardy and understated. I usually use mine to carry my overflow, but they are big enough to carry A4 and quite a big load besides. Most importantly they are hardy and light.

I have one in black and one in pale blue. I have given my daughter a black one too because she is studying law and she can carry lots of paper in it.

A very simple bag. The outside is faux leather woven over a base of thick cotton. It has two braided handles which are versatile and the perfect length. The top zips closed and it has several pockets and pouches inside. I abuse mine a little and they have shown no sign of wear whatsoever.

I bought mine on sale so I went for black and pale blue as they were the colours available on 70% off. They also come in beautiful purple and teal which look amazing. I have a photo of the purple shade below and the teal you can see in my makeup bag above.


image-4278-0-1346341963000 ceannis-sweet-shopper797

the purple

the purple






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  1. Hi Janet, love your posts. I bought this on ebay, recentely. Havent received it yet, but if you dont mind, could you tell me how much the black large bag cost originally? I thank you in advance. In the description says its leather on the outside but i dont really mind as long as i was not ripped off. Thanks again. Geovana.



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