That rare and elusive creature – the Filofax dust bag


When I bought my two A5 Siennas and my A5 Amazona they were beautifully boxed and nestled inside Filofax dustbags. The dustbags are pinky cream and have a leather Filofax clasp which slots prettily and neatly to keep your precious Filofaxes dust-free.

From what I have heard, they are not that common so not many people receive them when they purchase a Filofax. I think that is such a pity.

To me, instead of Filofaxes slapping designer names on a binder and selling them for £400 to enter the high-end market, they could give the leather Filofaxes extra touches like dustbags. The clasps don’t have to be leather like mine but could just be a drawstring one with a Filofax logo on it. Handbags come in them so they can’t be whackingly expensive to produce, surely?

I have many Filofaxes (am too scared to count but it must be close to 20) and I rotate them so it is really nice to store them in their boxes and dustbags.



PS Sorry for the cat hairs in this pic. I put it out ready to photograph and the cat had a nap on it.

Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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  1. I got one of these when I bought the Filofax display case from a stationery store that was closing down. I bought some other bits and pieces at the same time, and they threw in a few other things for good measure – including the dustbag. I’ve never received one from Filofax though. It’s a shame that they don’t include a dustbag – especially as they don’t even include a box these days 😀

  2. I got a black dust bag, which fastens with velcro, with a recent purchase – think it may have been the personal Malden. I’m thinking of using it to store extras in, such as hole punch, spare paper and pens.

    1. Ah now that you mention it, I got one of those with my Malden iPad cover. I use it to keep my drawing book in but it would be really nice to put a Filofax in.

      1. Ah, that was it – the Maldon iPad cover. I was almost right! Storing a drawing book in it is a good idea. I’m trying Zentangle, and the sketchbook and pens and pencils would fit nicely in the bag.

  3. Oh my gosh! Something else to search for – I have 4 filos in exotics and none came with a dustbag :(.

  4. Cats, they do that! 🙂 These bags give that extra classy feeling to a product, increasing the feeling of owning something really special (and well crafted) as well as protection for an expensive investment. Not often seen now! Perhaps an opportunity for some enterprising Philofaxy crafter out there .. I wish I could sew!

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