Van Der Spek Organiser – yay!


I have written about Van Der Spek binders before here. Having seen their leather swatches I fell even more in love. I am really fascinated that a custom made high quality binder is possible at this price point and with such a short turnaround time. Every single review I have read about them has been positive.

The wonderful Anamarija (I cannot praise this wonderful woman enough – she manages to hunt down the most fantastic treasures on the most obscure sites and always remembers who wants what) found a Van Der Spek on which is one of my favourite places to find binders – two of my Belmonts came from there.

On Marktplaats it happens more often than not that sellers will not respond to foreign buyers so Kim from the Netherlands has facilitated many of my buys – she does the sale and I pay her. This time however, I received an answer from the seller almost immediately and what a nice man. Kind, generous and very trusting of a stranger he didn’t know from a bar of soap. Turns out he is a professional wildlife photographer and we all know how crazy I am about wildlife.

One of the things I like about being a collector is the people you meet along the way. Akiko from Kikosattic, Christophe from bouteia, Jonathan from Artificebooks, Zeno from Zenok Leather. And now the lovely Paul from Marktplaats who has a site here where you can see all his gorgeous photographs. He specialises in cetaceans. Life is wonderful in that you can meet the most amazing people quite by chance.

Anyway this beautiful, custom-made binder is going to be on its way to me very shortly and I cannot wait to see it. It has 12 credit card pockets and 35mm rings. Plus the design and leather look very similar to Gillio which has a pricepoint about 3 times that of Van Der Spek.

I will review it for all my lovely readers when it arrives but until then here is a little peek to whet your appetites. All photos taken by Paul.

Thank you Paul for the great chats and for allowing me to buy your gorgeous binder for a good price. I will use it and take care of it and cherish it as good binders deserve to be cherished.




Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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