HOTD #23 – South African Woolworths Mitzy


The South African version of Marks and Spencer is called Woolworths and about two weeks before my 50th birthday I walked into a shop in a small seaside town called Port Alfred and there was this beautiful beautiful bag. Made of local leather it was totally different from things you usually find in SA fashion shops. They only had one because they said that expensive ones do not usually sell (it was about £80) and were about to send it back. This tag totally did it for me


I couldn’t stop thinking about it. Then my aunt gave it to me for my birthday! It is so unlike my family to spend lots of money on things like that so it means the world to me.



Then when I was on the way home to Sweden I flew via Heathrow and went into the Mulberry shop. To my fascination and horror, this bag was a copy of a Mulberry Mitzy. Not a mirror copy as there was no stamping or logo plaque but still.


I was amazed that a Mulberry handbag had totally slipped under my radar – I had not idea the Mitzy even existed.  I was fascinated how, of all the bags to fall in love with, it would be so Mulberry-like.

As you can see it is a lovely bag. I am not crazy about the pouchy shape and single strap but oh this bag looks fantastic with faded jeans, can hold bucketloads and has worn like a dream. The leather gets better and better with age and I love it even more for sentimental reasons.



Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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  1. What a beautiful bag, Janet (the South African bag). What a surprise that it was a copy of a Mulberry Mitzy. You certainly could not get a much more exact bag! What a lovely reminder of home. I love the bag – it is truly awesome looking. What a lovely gift!

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