Beautiful Miley gift from The Fuzzy Pet Foundation

Photo by David Miller Studios

I have written about Eldad Hagar and Miley a couple of times.

Miley was saved from a life of misery, starvation and pain on a rubbish dump by Eldad. This is what she looked like when he rescued her:


A month later she looked like this (Miley on right, Bomi on left):

Photo by Fuzzy Pet Foundation

I made a donation to the Fuzzy Pet Foundation, which is arranging  Miley’s adoption, and today I received this:

A beautiful framed photograph of Miley with Santa Paws, signed by Eldad himself.
A beautiful framed photograph of Miley with Santa Paws, signed by Eldad himself.

The nicest thing is, despite dealing with all the administration caused by thousands of emails about Miley, and all the paperwork to do with people applying to adopt Miley – Sheila Choi, the founder of The Fuzzy Pet Foundation personally contacted me to let me know that my photograph was on the way.

Thank you Sheila for that, and thank you to devoting your life (because that is what you have done) to saving animals who have been thrown on the trash heap of society.

Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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  1. I have been intently following Eldad Hagar’s animal. rescues at Hope for Paws and just love hearing about all the wonderful animal rescue agencies and foster parents who are working together to restore the broken bodies and spirits of 100’s of abondoned animals. I just read about Miley’s adoption party to be held Feb. 15, 2014. I wish I could fly from Colorado to join in this wonderful celebration. Congrats Miley and thank you Fuzzy Pet Rescue Foundation staffers for working so hard to review all the adoption applications for sweet Miley (like they say….who is now “Smiley”). Well done everyone. I can’t wait to see the party video of Miley with her new forever family. Jeanne in Aurora, Colorado

    1. I hope Miley’s forever family creates a Facebook page for her so we can follow her in her new life. I also love Eldad Hagar – Fiona and Cadence really touched my heart.

    1. She is now in her foster home and checks are being done on all prospective adoptive families to make sure she goes to the best possible forever home. Doesn’t she look fantastic?

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