Boerboel Veiligplek Crespo at just over 14 months old

Veiligplek Crespo is out of Middelpos Oenno and Afrika Bella, and is owned by Dimitris Efthimiou of Boerboel Greece. He is brother to Cay-Cay and Cuba and was born on 7th August 2012 in Portugal. This is one gorgeous gorgeous Boerboel! Veiligplek means ‘safe place’ in Afrikaans, and anywhere this dog is would definitely be a safe place, unless you were a baddie! Here are all my other posts about this magnificent dog





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  1. He Is absolutely gorgeous I lived CT is there any in the United States? does he or his father have any puppies or litters coming soon my family and I are looking

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  2. If there is no cardiomyopathia, kidney problems or early arthrosis, there should be no problem.
    BR Hans Georg


  3. He is with a doubt one of the best iv seen I would love one of his pups here in the UK is there a link to his breeding ….. thanks .


  4. Increible estampa. Precioso y espectacular fisico. Enhorabuena a el y a ti por tenerle.
    Desde Tres Cantos, Madrid,España


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  5. I would like to adopt him, He is a man of a boerboel, does the owner still want to keep him?
    I would take him instantly.


  6. Lying in bed today entertaining myself by reading your blog and looking at all of your Boerboel pics. Love these dogs.


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