Post No. 4 for The Lifestyle Project

Caroline is here with her fourth installment of The Lifestyle Project!

This week I am going to talk a bit about my review process, and a possible solution to my calendar issues I spoke about in my last post!
I think it’s important to keep track of your progress with your projects and goals, and I’m sure you are all familiar with the weekly/monthly review process. I have to admit, I’m not so good at doing this in the other areas of my life, but I thought it was really important to have a way of checking in with myself and my health, to see how far I have come.
I decided that I would do a review every two weeks. I didn’t want to commit to it every week, but with the amount of journalling and reading I am doing, if I left it a whole month I would be very overwhelmed. The image below shows the questions I have decided to ask myself:
As you can see, pretty much all the questions are positive ones, as I’m really trying to enforce within myself a sense of achievement, no matter how small. Hopefully after I have been doing this process for a few months, all those tiny steps towards my recovery will become more evident.
So last week I read this awesome post by Patty at Homemakers Daily, and it finally clicked! I just need a checklist! I don’t need to re write everything everyday. Why make things hard for myself?! I decided on these checklists from a Bowl Full of Lemons from the Rainbow Planner range. I also realised that one of the problems I was having with scheduling my routine was having the things I need to do in two places; my Ordning Och Reda has my routines and Lifestyle Project to do’s, but everything else is in my personal Filofax. I know this works for some people but I realised I need all my to do’s in one place with my schedule. So for now I have inserted the routine checklist in between my weekly pages. On a side note… had anyone ordered any 2014 refills from Filofax in the white paper? Is the quality better?!

There is a lot of stuff written on there, but it is just a guideline. Of course life and work and other things happen and the best laid plans can go awry. But it is a nice reminder of the things I could do everyday to aid my recovery 🙂 I’m thinking about removing the monthly planning calendar from the Ordning Och Reda too and just incorporating the planning into my regular weekly schedule. This could work out really well, because all my planning will be in one place, and the Ordning Och Reda is absolutely perfect as a reference and information resource.
That’s it for this post! In my next post I plan to go over the other tools I use alongside my planner, and review my set up after it’s first month of use!

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