Losing Weight the Filofax Way – update


One of the most popular items on my blog is the diet sheet above, which is part of my Losing Weight The Filofax Way series. Just to let you all know that I am in the process of recreating it, and soon will have a version available for download from my blog. It will probably start out A4 but you can shrink it to your specs or use a guillotine to resize for whatever Filofax you are using. I am hoping to do it when I am on holiday next month.

If anyone needs a tool to measure weight loss progress in the meantime, below is an Excel worksheet that will calculate your progress for you. It turns your weight every Monday into a graph for you. This is from 2004 but you can just change the years and dates (put the correct date/day in the first column and then drag the blue tag at the bottom right of the cell to change them all). You can use it to track different eating plans and record your meals.

Weight Loss Progress Spreadsheet 2004

Author: Janet Carr

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  1. Great form. And I agree – write it down, even if you go over! Then you can see why you’re not losing weight or not losing very fast. If you keep an accurate food journal, the food journal doesn’t lie even when the scale does!

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