New Facebook Photo – what a big watch you have!

I updated my Facebook profile photograph today and a few people have commented on the size of my watch. Yes it’s a whopper – and I have an even bigger one! The question is, given that I have such small bones, why do I use such a big watch?

It’s a very useful tool in my line of work. If I leave it on both I and my students can see it clearly without having to worry about the time. Both they and I know that the lesson will not overrun and that I have complete control. I never start or finish lessons late and so my students can relax, knowing they will not be late for their next appointment. They also do not have to worry that they are boring me as I never have to glance at my watch to check the time while they are speaking. This is very important to me.

I also use it on the table as a clock if the room does not have one and I can use the stopwatch to time speeches for length and speed. Many of my students are allocated strict blocks of time for their speeches so it is important to fine tune it.

This one is a Jet Set San Remo. I have done previous posts on it so if you are interested you can look them up in the search field on my blog. photo copy

Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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  1. Dear Janet. i love your FB messages to me. Where are you teaching in Switzerland – I would love to know. Are there opportunties for teaching EAL to Adults in Switzerland? I have a TESOL Qualification – my spouse is an instructor of over 22 years in Adult EAL.? Anne (nee Edwards) Ex PE EX HRC and dual Canadian – SA Citizen . Look forward to hearing from you soon.

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