The Mulberry Willow Bag

Way beyond my price point but the Mulberry Willow is a beautiful bag. I guess you could count it as two bags as the front pocket is removable and can be used as a clutch bag.

It IS (in my opinion) a little too reminiscent of the Celine Boston Bag (orange featured directly below) and even their Trapeze bag. But I guess it is not a crime to go with a popular shape.

Celine Boston Bag

I would not pay €2000 and up for a handbag, much less one with D-rings on the straps. But it is nice to look at.

PS My bags are used every minute of the day and are used to carry heavy loads. Not many D-rings can stand that kind of strain so I go for strong, double-stitched leather straps that are well-fastened onto the body of the bag – more like the Celine Boston featured above.

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