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As anyone who has ever used Gmail, Ebay, Paypal or Hotmail will attest – they are great. Fantastic. Until they do not work or when something goes wrong. Then it is almost impossible to find anyone to help you.

I love Paypal. I would love to be able to use it every single time I have to pay for something. It is quick and easy and you can send money safely to anyone who has an email address. But if you have problems it is tough to get a human to help you. You have to email or wait hours to be connected to live chat which usually cuts out half way through. I changed my surname recently and in the end I chose to close my old Paypal account and open a new one because I just couldn’t get my name changes. I scanned and emailed documents, I faxed documents, I tried to find numbers to call.

So, to reiterate – I would highly recommend Paypal but have a site like Screw Paypal in your favorites. This site was set up by someone who was screwed by Paypal so to speak and has now set up a site to help people in the same position – lots of useful FAQs and (FANTASTIC!) – a list of Paypal contact details – names, numbers and email addresses – regularly updated for new numbers and email addresses. If you can’t get any resolution to a problem, contacting one or more of these people makes your problem go away.


Author: Janet Carr

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