Älskade traditioner

For my daughter’s birthday I decided to give her a Swedish fika… …but a fika with style. When Amanda and I usually fika, it’s coffee and apple pie or cinnamon bun. This time I decided to take her to Älskade… Read More ›

If war comes to Sweden

Yesterday, a crisis preparedness booklet was delivered to every household in Sweden. This has not been done for decades but I guess we are next to Russia, have had terror attacks, and the world is like a powder keg at… Read More ›

Isn’t language strange?

When it comes to language, my first language is English, my second language is Afrikaans (African Dutch) and my third language is Swedish. This means I can understand spoken Dutch, Flemish, and Norwegian – if spoken slowly. But Danish is… Read More ›

Test Your Swenglish

  There are some mistakes that Swedish-speakers commonly make when writing or speaking English. Look at the following ten sentences and try to fix the Swenglish mistakes. 1. I always have a funny time at parties. 2. When are you… Read More ›