Photos from a day

I found this really old hole punch at a thrift store

And then a slightly newer one but still rather and old-fashioned shape. It was also really heavy

And this pencil sharpener.

That brought to mine the office accoutrements that you almost never see these days

  • desk calendars, both standing and flat
  • desk sets (blotter, pen holder, picture frame, notepaper holder, often in leather)
  • inkwells and fountain pen trays
  • guillotines for paper

I still see paper clips, staplers and tape holders, but I guess the rest are lost to digitalisation, except among stationery nerds

I also found this alarm clock. I got my first alarm clock when I was 7 or 8 years old, and it was this exact model. A Westclox Baby Ben with a blue dial. My parents had a Westclox Big Ben and my father had a Westclox Zobo pocket watch. I found this interesting site featuring Westclox

This little alarm clock made me hate alarm clocks with the heat of a thousand suns. To me, there is nothing worse than being blasted awake by an alarm clock. It puts me in a bad mood all day.

I am rather enjoying the Swedish Cancer Fund’s candy-striped pink armband this year. I don’t buy pink ribbon pins or any pink-themed products but I usually buy the Cancer Fund’s armband and the reflective ribbon tag to put on my winter jacket or bag.

This is the reflective strip ribbon from last year

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