Soap bars

Earlier this year, I wrote a post about soap bars. It feels strange to have to qualify soap as liquid and solid. When I was growing up there was no such thing as liquid soap.

Over the years I moved to liquid handwash and shower gel, and never looked back. I felt that soap became slimy underneath and was unhygienic (particularly in light of covid)

Over time, however, I gathered a collection of soaps which I received in Body Shop gift sets and as presents. I have been using them for the past few months because I hate things to go to waste.

And I am loving them! They last a long time and I have two nice soap dishes that keep the soap nice and dry. I have used up a couple of The Body Shop Shea Butter, and am now onto a gorgeous Greek soap my friend bought from her travels. Next will be a Lush soap bar given to me by my daughter, and a goat’s milk bar.

Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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