Nivea Nourishing Face Mask


I grew up with plain old Nivea Creme in the blue tin. It was often the only moisturiser in our house and was used by everyone for everything from sunburn to dry elbows! The smell reminds me of growing up. Over the years I have used Nivea shower gel, body lotion, facial skincare products and even Nivea hair products. They are budget-friendly and usually work well.

For some reason I have not used any Nivea products lately, but one of these came free in a magazine and I have bought several more, at $1 for each two-mask sachet. This mask is thick and rich, and really nourishes my skin. You remove the excess (each mask is a very generous helping) with a tissue rather than rinsing it off and when I use it, I don’t even need to apply moisturiser afterwards.


Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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  1. Warmly recommended! I only know of these two fragrances, but I like them both a lot, and the bottles are very cute too.

    Speaking of packaging, the Berlin store (and I’m sure other places) also had some lovely “retro” editions of the classic blue tins in many sizes. For a Nivea lover, I would say the flagship store alone is worth a trip to Berlin. 🙂

  2. I don’t think I ever used the classic blue tin Nivea Creme, though I’m certainly familiar with it, but I have had all sorts of good or even excellent experience with the brand’s various hair products, shower gels and body lotions. I also like their pore cleansing strips.

    When I was in Berlin last month (amazing!) I visited the flasghip store on Unter den Linden and I loved it. I was on the hunt for the Nivea Eau de Toilette, which I can purchase in Prague (online) but it costs about twice as much as in Germany. It smells more or less exactly like the blue tin cream and I was quite drawn to that. HOWEVER, in the end I bought a newer version, Nivea Sun, and it’s such a lovely summer fragrance.

    I think the brand has various product lines for various markets. Several years ago I bought a Nivea lip color in Tokyo, and I don’t think I’ve seen that anywhere in Europe, although I’m sure it must be available in Germany at least. It was made in Japan though, so who knows.

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