The difference between a submarine and a submersible.

I had to send someone this definition yesterday, because a lot of Swedish speakers of English were using the word submarine to describe the Titan.

I hope that by the time this is published, the vessel and its passengers will have been rescued, but it seems like the operation would be incredibly difficult, nigh on impossible.

I am terrified of the sea. I grew up at the beach and as a teenager I used to hanker after all our local surfers. I am an excellent swimmer (used to swim competitive butterfly and have a gold lifesaving certificate). But I very seldom go even chest-deep in the sea. I stick to knee-level in clear water. I grew up in Great White Shark territory (our local shark was called ‘Gums’) and hate the feeling of anything against my leg. I will not swim in rivers or dams (Coming from Africa I was always terrified of contracting bilharzia) or anywhere where there is ANY risk of me touching icky slimy or stingy things). The most I will do is swim in a chlorinated pool with a pale bottom. But I hate swimming at night. I don’t understand people who do wild water swimming or swim the English channel. Ewwww.

It is so weird that we have been on the moon and done a great deal of space exploration, but we will still know hardly anything about the sea. Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 was never found because the area they disappeared is so deep and so fast. About 71 percent of the Earth’s surface is covered by water, and the oceans hold about 96.5 percent of all Earth’s water. It is our largest ecosystem. Yet about 95% of the ocean is unmapped, unexplored, and unseen by humans.

I know people are all different but a tourist trip to the Titanic, at depths where no one could rescue you, is on my list of things that give me nightmares.

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