Harry Potter characters created from book descriptions – what do you think?

One of the reasons I love reading books is because we can create our very own world out of the book, just for us. The world of our book and our characters looks totally different from everyone else’s. We become emotionally attached to and possessive of the characters as we imagine them. This is why the casting of characters for film versions of popular books is so controversial.

When actors were cast for film versions of the Twilight, Harry Potter, Outlander, and Fifty Shades of Grey books, there was a huge outcry that they did not look like the characters as people had envisioned them. Even when Diana Gabaldon – the author of the Outlander book series – said that Sam Heughan was exactly how she had pictured Jamie Fraser, people argued that he was all wrong for the part.

So I was interested to see how MsBananaAnna used artificial intelligence to create Harry Potter characters as described in the books. Some of them are actually pretty close to how I pictured them, others look like the movie actors, but there are some that seem too young (Gilderoy Lockhart) or too creepy (Draco Malfoy). Find the whole list here

Author: Janet Carr

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