My Classics: Dresses

I am 1.7m/5ft 7in, 57kg/125lb with an apple shape. Large shoulders and bust, a tummy, no butt and skinny legs. I cannot wear dresses unless they are of stretchy fabric, or wrap dresses. Otherwise, if they fit on the top, they hang on the bottom. If they fit on the bottom, they don’t get over my top.

Wrap dresses are a fashion miracle. They suit all shapes and are very comfortable and flattering. If you are out of proportion, dresses often fit only the top or bottom half of your body. Wrap dresses are adjustable so they fit various configurations of boob/waist/hip size. They are also flattering no matter your shape, and work well for business and private, for formal and informal. I dress mine up and down with jewellery. You can put them on without messing up your hair and makeup. You can gain or lose a few pounds, feel bloated, and they still fit and look great.

The only enemy of a wrap dress can be unwrapping around the thighs due to wind or sometimes sitting down. But in my life that has happened only once or twice.

Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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