Covid or Ageing?

Shopping with a friend in a pull on chiffon blouse. I have this one in navy blue, lemon yellow and white. So comfortable but also looks decent.

Before the pandemic, I used to have a certain work ‘look’:

  • Slim-legged black trousers with zip and button fastenings
  • Pencil skirts in black
  • Long wrap dresses
  • Belts
  • Button-up shirts in all colours
  • Cardigans
  • Fitted blouses in different patterns
  • Flat black shoes – loafers or lace-ups
  • Jewellery in silver or gold in similar tones to my shirt
  • Large heavy handbags in neutral colours

I used to switch out my jewellery and handbags to match my outfit, and plan outfits for the week on a Sunday.

Working from hime, things changed a great deal. I wore:

  • black or white short-sleeved t shirts
  • tracksuit pants
  • no shoes or handbags
  • simple classic gold jewellery – gold chain around my neck, gold studs in my ears, plain gold rings

Now that things are going back to normal I have stuck to more comfortable clothing:

  • stretchy black, houndstooth, or dark tartan trousers with flat elastic waistband
  • t shirts or pull-on blouses in colours like black, white, pale pink, yellow
  • slip-on shoes
  • small handbags

I was speaking about this to a client who is the same age as I am. She felt the same but said it could be due to us growing older and seeking more comfortable clothing. Or maybe it could be a combination of both? I am at my pre-pandemic weight so it cannot be that my tighter clothes don’t fit me anymore, or are more uncomfortable. Whatever it is, I have found that I hate a fitted waistband and lace-up shoes these days.

Below are my favourite jeans of the moment by Marta du Chateau. They are slim-fitting, soft, and so comfortable. I have another wonderful bootcut pair of jeans by Busnel that have a zip and button, but are soft and stretchy.

Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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  1. Have you thought about doing the 100 Day Challenge through Wool&. You can see other women’s ideas and experiences on Facebook. I think you would fit right in. I ordered a dress for a trip to Wales and had to send it back because armholes didn’t fit right. 🙁 and the weight was too thin. I’m still thinking about which dress to order.

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