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Parliament was in recess this past week, so my schedule was not so tangled. I did have to rewrite part of it due to many changes in bookings. I really must invest in erasable pens or a nice pencil…

You can see the difference here between my writing when I have time to sit down and write properly versus when I am using my phone to confirm changes by text and quickly scribbling them down in my planner, while simultaneously teaching via Teams.

I have quite good handwriting, and am never shy to admit it, given that I was persecuted at school for being left-handed. I was taught everything from sewing to sports to writing in the right-handed way because ‘left handed is bad’. I was discouraged from using my left hand for anything, and sometimes forced outright to use my right hand. I battled the usual leftie challenges of clumsily negotiating tools/devices/exam chairs etc made for right handers, so I have always been happy to prove everyone wrong. I could always write well with my lefthand. I was just never allowed to try.

This planner is my beloved vintage Van Der Spek binder given to me by Mr Van Der Spek two years ago. This planner is seriously gorgeous and the more I use it the better it gets.

And here is next week. On my to-do list for tomorrow is to buy a nice pencil with a good built-in eraser!

Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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  1. One of my sisters is left-handed and I can’t recall her handwriting ever being any less neat than that of her right-handed sliblings. What I can recall is her reversing the cutlery when she laid the table. I will have to check with her whether she ever felt persecuted for being left-handed. She’s never brought it up in conversation so I’ve always assumed being left-handed makes absolutely no difference whatsoever.

  2. Nooo! I find planners with arrows and cancellations very interesting and fascinating! 😍

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