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  1. Oh, I remember well the controversy when the statue was installed. For one thing it was hugely unpopular (still kind of is to be honest). It didn’t help that it was first installed in the square that is considered the epicentre of Athens, a square that is in non-ending status of redesign (I swear the last time Omonia square was attractive must have been in the wake of the 20th century).

    Then there was the timing: greek life is of course constantly under political and economical scandals but that period especially was very VERY intense, so even cultural happenings had, shall we say… sensitive politican undertones depending a person’s beliefs. There was big controversy about the finances behind the statue, the choice of artist, the subject, you name it…

    Eventually the statue was damaged, I think during the subway’s construction work and what you can see now is a copy. It was placed not very far from its original place, on the side of a central avenue.

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