Bright ideas

I hate it when ‘unsubscribe’ buttons are hidden away and you have to hunt for them.
I think this is a great idea. I am sure there are disadvantages, but not allowing banned users to log out means they cannot create other accounts to get back in again.

You can plug in more devices at the same time.

Why aren’t all milk cartons like this?
This certifies that everyone who prepared your food had their temperature taken before touching the food.

I cannot tell you how often I forget to attach a file…
Much easier than clicking how many cars you see in a bunch of pictures

The screws come with the matching drill bit. I wish more companies did that!
This design means you can get every last drop out of the bottle.
The television bracket comes with a built-in spirit level
Easier to read the titles at the bottom.



Cooling system on slide so kids don’t burn themselves in summer

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