I have written before about sponsoring animals in need. It is a nice way to help animals in need, does not cost too much and is great if you are not able to foster or adopt yourself.

My chosen shelter is Raise ‘n Rescue in South Africa, and I usually sponsor one Raisen per week. You can sponsor a particular cat or make a donation towards kitten milk or sterilisation. If you choose to sponsor a Raisen you are regularly updated on their progress with photographs and updates. You can sponsor from anywhere in the world and it costs about about $25 per kitten. I know I will never be able to help all the animals in need, but in this way, I can help some of them.

This is my latest sponsor – Hercules. He and his siblings were found at a factory when they were very very young. Hercules had become caught in plastic netting which had cut deeply into him as he grew. As a result he had a deep long wound and was much smaller than his sibling when he was found.

Thanks to medication and lots of love he is growing nicely and is reserved for adoption. Isn’t he gorgeous?

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